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eggs flatbread

handmade flatbread with tomato, eggs + labneh

No time for words today – things are so hectic! But just thought I’d squeeze in a little recipe to share with guys! It’s one of those ones that is perfect any time of the day, even dinner. Handmade flatbread with tomato, eggs + labneh Flatbread (will make 12, more than you need for the […]

arrot cake pancakes 2

Carrot Cake Pancakes with Whipped Maple Butter

It is quite surreal to be typing up the announcement that accompanies this recipe. Eat This My Friend is soon to be in print. A hold-it-in-your-hands type of actual real life book. And whilst I am incredibly excited, it kinda also seems too good to be true. So much so that sometimes I am wonder when […]

miso toast with egg, avo and gomasio

Miso Toast with Egg, Avocado + Gomasio

No time for words today unfortunately. Just a recipe. It is frustrating that I have all these things I’d like to say, but am struggling to find the time to say it! This is what I have been eating almost daily. It can hardly be classified as a recipe, more of an inspirational toast idea if you […]

shakshuka with feta

Basic Shakshuka with Feta

I have to admit, I am a bit of a hoarder. My mother drummed the ‘appreciate everything’ message quite firmly into my brain, which is completely fine. But this, paired with my overly sentimental nature, means that I don’t really throw anything away. Because I might need it one day. Or, because such and such gave it […]


Fruit and Nut Tabouli

My life, over the last six months, has been tipped upside down and thrown on it’s head. Hence my lack of commitment to Eat This My Friend. Without delving too deeply into my personal life, I discovered that in times of total stress I completely lose my appetite. I have not been in the mood to […]


Simple Vegan Banana Bread

This is one of those very handy recipes to have up your sleeve. A vegan banana bread. I have made many over the years, this one is the simplest, and the best. And yet another one of those ones that you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between a vegan or conventional one. Even if […]

turkish eggs 4

Simple Turkish Eggs

As you may already know, I tend to get a little obsessive over things. I have even had a period of egg obsession (as explained in this post) and now I am in the midst of another. Much to my dismay, kitchen time has be very limited of late – I seem to be eating […]

peanut butter choc shake

Choc – Peanut Butter Shake

I’ve never been mad about smoothies and protein shakes. There are many smoothie/shake/juice lovers out there, having one for breakfast every morning. I am not one of those – because it is a beverage. It’s definitely a psychological thing for me. I need eat food, to chew, in order for me to feel satisfied. You place all […]

pancakes covershot3

Strawberry Buttermilk Pancakes

  10 Reasons To Love Pancakes –  1. They are pretty much the fastest ‘treat’ you can whip up. 2. I always have the necessary ingredients in my fridge and pantry. 3. You can utilise whichever fruit you have in the fruit bowl. 4. If you have no fruit, you can use jam. 5. If you […]


Almond + Goji Berry Granola

  Granola is not as big here as it is in The States. When I travelled (which seems like a lifetime ago now), I was surprised to see that granola was a staple for most of the cafes – especially in New York. Here in Australia, muesli is far more common fare, both in the […]