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choc beetroot cake

Chocolate + Beetroot Cake

Social media was making me unhappy. I mean, I am not actually unhappy. Overall I think I am quite content – my family, friends, my home. My life. It has its ups and downs but it is generally pretty good. Yet sometimes I still feel that something is missing, somewhere between the heart and the belly button. I’ve really been […]


Anzac Cookies for Clancy

My son, who would eat nothing but junk food if he were allowed to, gives me little reports on what his classmates have in their lunch boxes. Mum, such and such has Twisties and BBQ Shapes everyday. Person B never has any fresh fruit! Oh person C is very good, they always have carrots and corn, […]

pancakes covershot3

Strawberry Buttermilk Pancakes

  10 Reasons To Love Pancakes –  1. They are pretty much the fastest ‘treat’ you can whip up. 2. I always have the necessary ingredients in my fridge and pantry. 3. You can utilise whichever fruit you have in the fruit bowl. 4. If you have no fruit, you can use jam. 5. If you […]

zucchini sultana loaf

Zucchini + Sultana Loaf

  Zucchini in a cake? Yes. I can feel all of you frowning. And the pity you have for my poor young son who has one of ‘those’ mothers. You know, the kind who hides vegetables in their food. Even in the goddamn cakes! That poor poor boy! To my defence, carrots are socially accepted in […]

frozen choc banana pops2

Frozen Choc Banana Pops

  Whether you want to drop a few extra kilos or just want to make healthier choices, organisation is fundamental to your success. I constantly fall into the trap of letting myself get too hungry, and reaching for the the first thing in sight – the quickest way to satisfy those hunger pangs. It is almost […]

Raw CHERRY RIPE Cheesecake

I was hoping not to post another dessert recipe this week. I still have that post Christmas remorse from eating a record amount of chocolate. I was planning on making some fresh homemade pasta, with all the spare yolks I have in the fridge, but as I type it is one of those awful 40degree […]

Chocolate Macadamia + Coconut Tart

Tis the season for having guests. Or better still, being a guest. Both situations generally require some kind of edible token of friendship. If you find yourself in charge of sweets – look no further. Here we have the perfect dessert, whether you are a coeliac, a vegan, following a paleo diet, or just need […]

Gingerbread Trees + Stars

December is a pretty crazy month for us, as I am sure it is for most people. The lead up to Christmas full of parties, gatherings and gift giving. Every year (mostly) I make a batch of edible gifts to give to friends, extended family members, work mates and the like. One year I made […]