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  1. sandra 15/06/2015

    Hi Jade,

    Thank you for sharing what has been an emotional journey for you. I love the way you express yourself and how you write with honesty and vulnerability.

    I’m also really pleased to hear that life is moving forward for you and I wish you all the sunshine that life can bring.

    Take care,

  2. Trudy White 21/06/2015

    Hi Jade,
    Your site is gorgeous!
    I’m looking for things to cook for my daughter’s morning tea birthday party
    I’m so glad you kept drawing
    I’m painting for an exhibition
    Will invite you when the the invitations are done
    x Trudy

    • Jade 24/07/2015

      Hello Trudy! How did I miss this comment??!
      Thank you for your lovely words, my smile is very wide.
      Would be excellent to see you, it’s been so long! Please send me that invite if it’s not too late.
      Hope you and the family are all happy and well.
      X Jade

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