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Mini Strawberry Galettes

With the lead up to the release of my book, I’m preparing my brain for a world that is a bit of stranger to me – the media. Amongst the anxiety of it all, I found myself having to answer interview questions for an upcoming magazine article (cute!). True to my nature I put a […]

best pecan pie

World’s Best Pecan Pie

This week I was faced with, what could only be described as, one of my absolute worst nightmare type situations. I had been invited to a party – a pot-luck Thanksgiving party – and had nominated myself to be the person in charge of Pecan Pie. I was pretty excited about this. There would be delicious […]

corn ricotta tart slice

Corn, Spring Onion + Ricotta Quiche

  Us mothers at Clancy’s school organised a get-together, to celebrate our children surviving the first month of prep and our own new found friendships. Basically an excuse to have a glass of wine, eat cheese and socialise (like we needed one). Being the obsessive food lover that I am, I always see situations like […]

Potato Olive + Chard Tart with a Polenta Crust

I had a victory last week. It was small, but it was a victory nonetheless. My little food processor had been in for repairs for the past month. During this time I came to realise just how often I actually use this appliance. Making pestos and sauces, sourdough breadcrumbs, grinding up nuts, making pastry, blending […]