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raw rosey rocky road

Pistachio + Rose Rocky Road

In the past, optimism was a characteristic that seemed to elude me. I could have safely been labelled the ‘glass half empty’ kind. The good news is however, due to the cleverness of the human brain, a hopeful, optimistic attitude is something you can actually acquire. If optimism is a gene that you inherit, I […]


Cashew Maple Muesli Bars

Do you have certain songs that transport you to a particular time in your life? I do. I can listen to a song and instantly be hauled back to the past. But not just by way of memories, it’s much deeper than that. It’s as if the song pokes me hard in the heart with its index finger. And suddenly […]

Raw Fruit + Nut Chocolate Bark

Of all the recipes I post on this site, the raw vegan treats are, by far, the most popular. Which suggests to me that we are more health conscious now than we have even been. We are informed, and aware. Nutritious ingredients –  the superfoods – have become so popular, that they are now affordable and accessible. These […]

Apricot Honey + Almond Tart

I have a neighbour, 2 doors down, whose yard is thick with fruit trees. Crazy, unkempt fruit trees, which are laden with fruit. I have never been close with this particular neighbour. We say hello on passing, sometimes a chat about the weather, and that is about the extent of it. In fact, I used […]

Chocolate Raspberry + Coconut Torte

   The phone rang. “Jade, I have a business proposition. I’d like to hire you to bake a cake for my brother’s birthday.”   I’m interested. Gina continues. “It needs to be vegan and wheat free”. And my heart sinks just a little. Gluten/wheat free, well that’s easy, I could just make a nut based […]