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rice and veg bowl

Baked Rice with Veg + Bocconcini

Sometimes my heart decides to move from my chest and settle itself high up in my throat. And I am positive that everyone can see it there, pulsating. Generally, this move occurs as a heavy blanket of anxiety wraps itself around my shoulders. Unlike the majority, who feel like they’re dying inside, I just go ahead and die […]

millet stuffed peppers

Millet Stuffed Peppers

  Ironically, ancient grains are relatively new to us modern folk. But there is no need to let your unfamiliarity keep you from trying them. In fact, once you realise just how simple they are to prepare they may very well become weeknight favourites in your kitchen too. Quinoa. Farro. Teff. Spelt. Kamut. Amaranth. Millet. […]