Cashew Maple Muesli Bars

Do you have certain songs that transport you to a particular time in your life?

I do.

I can listen to a song and instantly be hauled back to the past. But not just by way of memories, it’s much deeper than that. It’s as if the song pokes me hard in the heart with its index finger. And suddenly I’m drowned by the waves of emotions that I happened to be experiencing at the time. There are certain albums that have the potential to bring back the elation of a new love. Or conversely, there are albums where each individual note within a song seem to represent every ache of my heart, broken at the time. I can listen to music and find myself re-living my own past experiences. And quite vividly, mind you.

True to my obsessive nature, I tend to only listen to a couple of albums on rotation. And as circumstances in my life happen to change, some albums are replaced with others. At the moment I only have a couple of artists that are of interest to me, namely, Smog and Beach House. Why specifically these two? Well, that I do not know. There are a number of bands and artists that I would profess as my favourite, but just don’t seem to be relevant to me right at this instant.

museli bar prep

I made a batch of these muesli bars for both my son and I. They are a simple, healthy, no bake snack option for after work/school, or to pop in a lunchbox (for those of you whose children go to a school who allows for nuts). I had  A River Ain’t Too Much To Love keeping me company as I prepared these. Which I highly recommend.

I wonder, if in years to come when I hear this album, I’ll be transported back to my kitchen, preparing muesli bars, and flooded by the waves of emotion I’m experiencing today?

Cashew Maple Muesli Bars
vegan and gluten free


  • 1 1/2 cups GF rolled oats
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup salted cashews
  • 1 cup pitted medjool dates


  1. Place the rolled oats into a wide, heavy-based  and dry toast for a couple of minutes, whilst shaking the pan every now and then. Set aside in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Place the cashews into the food processor and blitz very briefly, to break them up only a little. Pour into bowl with oat mixture. Stir.
  3. Heat the peanut butter and maple over a medium heat until quite warm and liquified, and pour over the oats. Stir again.
  4. Place the pitted dates, one by one with the motor still running, in the food processor and blitz until they are completely pureed. Place these also into the mixing bowl.
  5. Use your hands to thoroughly combine the mixture.
  6. Prepare a square or rectangular cake tin with baking paper and press the mixture into the tin. You will need to very firmly press the mixture into the tin, using the palms of your hands.
  7. Place the tin into the refrigerator, for a least a few hours, to set.
  8. Once set, remove from the tin and cut into bars. I cut mine into ten.
  9. Keep stored in an airtight container in the fridge.

clancy's healthy muesli bars

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  1. Isabel 04/04/2015

    Hi Jade! I found your lovely blog via Lunch Lady. Am rather envious of all this delicious baking…I’m in China this year and don’t have an oven to bake anything at all in! I found Beach House on Spotify and am having a listen while doing my Chinese homework…it’s very chilled and perfect for some study. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 x Isabel

  2. Kirsten 02/02/2016

    Oh my lorrrrrd, I made these today but used almond butter instead as we have a peanut butter dodger in our house (allergies schmallergies). These muesli bars are ‘get out of town’ delicious. I also made those lemony date bar thingos with the coconut and salt top – bloody great. Top job!

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