Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl


I made a pact with my friend from work.

A no bread/pasta/rice for 7 days pact. Near impossible when you work at a bakery. You see, as I have explained several times already, I eat a hellofalot of bread.

All of us bakery staff do.

So a one week ban was very necessary, to keep the carb consumption under control.

But what on earth was I to eat for breakfast if it wasn’t toast or muesli? Fruit salad and yoghurt just wasn’t cutting it.

I bought a pack of chia seeds for the first time. I decided to make some overnight style oats using chia instead, experimenting a few nights with different levels of liquid. The chia absorbs so much liquid, it transforms itself into a kind of tapioca pudding if not enough liquid is added. Once I got this balance right – I loved it.

I am possibly the last person in town to discover the greatness of chia seeds. Not sure how they managed to slip under the radar for so long, especially considering how fashionable they currently are. Hip or not, I am pleased I now have a non carb breakfast I can enjoy.

And just like porridge, the variations are endless. Coconut cream, almond milk, regular milk, yoghurt, dried fruit, toasted seeds and nuts, cacao nibs, fresh fruit. Peanut butter! You can experiment to find your own favourite combination, which is quite joyous when you’re not eating toast.


chia seed breakfast

– 1/4 chia seeds
– 3/4 cup milk (or almond milk)
– 1/4 cup organic coconut cream
– 1 Tbsp sultanas
– handful chopped strawberries (or any favourite fresh fruit, looking forward to stone fruit season!)
– spoonful of nut butter (or toasted nuts, or both)
– drizzle maple syrup

Place the chia seeds, milk, coconut cream and sultanas in a bowl. Stir to combine then cover and place in the fridge to sit overnight.

In the morning, top with strawberries, nut butter and maple syrup. Top with some more milk if necessary, then tuck in!

serves 1

chia seed breakfast bowl

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